Derrick Zuber Rebrand

Client: Derrick Zuber Music

Our Role: Brand Design

Completed: Ongoing

Project Overview

Derrick Zuber Music is one of OmniWorx Inc’s longest standing clients. We had worked with him to create promotional materials using an existing brand for close to two years, so when Derrick made the decision to rethink his brand and marketing strategy he naturally came to us to work on this project.

Although much of Derricks original music is Country music, he plays a diverse range of genres from the 1920’s to 1970’s. He also has a diverse range of influences including Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Blue Rodeo to Eric Clapton, John Fogerty and the Beatles. Derrick felt that his existing brand image with its “old west” aesthetic didn’t fully showcase the type of music he played to potential venues. Instead, Derrick was looking for something that gave him a broader image but still communicated the wide range of music he plays, both original and covers. We worked with Derrick on a concept that fit in with this range. The final concept that we came up with was a classic Americana theme reminiscent of the mid to late 20th century and the glory days Route 66, classic muscle cars, drive-ins, and roadside diners and motels.


Completed: June 2019

The first piece of design that we updated was the logo. Derrick’s existing logo was inspired by a western them with its slab-serif font, horseshoe and spur adorning the “R'“. We updated the logo based on our new classic Americana concept. With its distinctive sans-serif font, letters presented in bubbles and horizontal to vertical layout our new logo is evokes the feeling of the classic highway and motel signs of the mid 20th century.

Old Logo

Old Logo


Completed: June 2019

I worked to create a show poster that fit with the new brand that Derrick could use to promote his live shows. Our poster takes concepts from classic Americana advertisements such as bold colour and slight illustrative style to the image. We also used a clean, simple typeface to not only make sure we stayed connected to the brand and theme but also to ensure that the poster would be legible and those reading it would be able to get the information with a quick glance. We also utilized Acrobat’s Form Creation feature to allow Derrick to fill in the information to create each show poster himself.


Completed: July 2019
Live Site:

Although we worked on Derrick’s previous site, the site was designed using the old country brand. We wanted to update the site to reflect the new brand and also update the platform the site itself was built on. We designed a site that was easy to navigate with clear call to actions noted in the top menu bar to Contact or Book or to visit Derrick’s Gig Schedule on his Reverbnation page. We also integrated a plugin from Reverbnation to showcase some of Derrick’s original songs.