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OmniWorx provides graphic design, branding and business solutions for small to mid-sized businesses in Toronto. Our clients range across industries, including retail stores, restaurants and bars, tradespeople, community groups and non-profits.

We cater to smaller, local businesses looking for high-quality design work. Often, small business owners want to modernize or create a consistent branding look, but don’t know where to start. Most companies can’t take on an in-house designer, but freelance designers vary in fees and quality.

If you’re in Scarborough, you may have seen our design work. Maybe it was on the Guildwood Village Community Association flag, a poster for charity group 360Kids or the menu cover at Ace’s Place restaurant.

Quality design and branding is a business investment. It helps you makes a strong first impression, earn trust and build customer loyalty. We work with businesses to craft design work that speaks to your target customers and tells the story of your company.

In addition to graphic design, we offer financial and project management services to businesses. These services include financial analysis, accounting and financial planning, business and technical project management and agile transformation.

What kind of graphic design work do we do?

  • Complete branding programs including a logo and colour pallet that people recognize and connect with

  • Company websites that tell customers what they need to know and look great on any device

  • Marketing materials like business cards, posters and banners

  • Environmental graphics like pricing boards, signage, and wayfinding.

  • New store setup design including signage, branding and layout

  • Exhibit design for trade shows and fairs

  • Slide designs for meetings and presentations

  • Social media graphics to help you connect with customers online

  • UX / UI design to make products user-friendly

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Branding and graphic design are crucial elements of a business that are often overlooked. Business owners sometimes prioritize design work last, not realizing the impact it can have on attracting and retaining customers and making sales.

First impressions count, whether it’s a customer glancing in your storefront window or scrolling past your social media post. If your signage or promotional materials look amateurish, people won’t take the time to read your message. Without consistent branding, your business might interact with someone multiple times without that person ever recognizing your company.

Working together, we can create a clear branding message that reflects and elevates your business. By focusing on your company’s target demographics, we create an eye-catching design work that speaks to your ideal customer.

Why does branding and graphic design matter for businesses?

  • Strong branding creates customer recognition of your business. With good branding, customers can recognize a business by its logo, colours and typeface—even before reading a word.

  • Polished design builds trust because it reflects the value and quality of your products and services. Customers feel confident purchasing from a company that presents as professional.

  • Branding tells the story of your company and lets customers know what to expect. For example, the branding we did for the Muddy Paws in the Guild pet store is playful and relaxed.  Compare that to the tone we used for Allied Psychology Services, which is still approachable but more formal.

  • Branding builds customer loyalty because brands become part of our identities. From our phone to our clothes to the coffee with drink, the brands we choose are a reflection of who we are.

  • Good design is attractive, but its first priority is to inform and guide customers. A restaurant menu, for example, needs clear readability to help customers find items that suit their taste. It should also highlight specials the restaurant wants readers to notice.