What is an RGD?

You may know by now that our Graphic Designer is a Provisional Member of the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD); but what does that mean and what value does it bring to our clients?

RGD is a professional association representing over 4,000 design practitioners including design managers, educators and students. Created by an act of the Ontario Legislature, Bill Pr 56, RGD was given the ability to govern and discipline its members. Through RGD, Canadian designers exchange ideas, educate and inspire, set professional standards and build a strong, supportive community dedicated to advocating for the value of design.

What value do RGD members bring to clients?

Registered Graphic Designers (RGDs) and Provisional RGDs are Graphic Designers that are not only adept at utilizing design software; they also have a proven ability to work with their clients to problem solve and produce high quality design that speaks to their clients’ unique business needs. RGD Members are designers that are qualified and experienced, connected to a network of industry suppliers, problem solvers, accountable, ethical, up-to-date and they are passionate and serious about design

Why I am a Provisional RGD

Jack Henry, B.Des, Provisional RGD | Principal, Graphic Design & Graphic Designer

I first learned about RGD while I was still in university and looking for freelance roles. I came across a job posting that said having the RGD designation would be an asset.

I initially joined RGD as a Student RGD and then applied for and became a Provisional RGD upon graduating from OCAD. I joined mainly to be connected to my industry and other industry professionals through networking events such as Designers+Drinks+Discussions, where I have met many people from the industry. I also joined because of some of the great professional development opportunities that RGD offers such as the DesignThinkers Conference in both Toronto and Vancouver, as well as weekly webinars on various topics around the design industry.

Overall, I get great value from my RGD Membership and I think that it allows me to bring so much more knowledge my clients’ projects. I look forward to being able to start the application process to become a Certified RGD next summer!